Sunday, October 18, 2009


Even if you don’t smoke, ashtrays are important for your business as there will always be people who do. Since smoking somehow makes you inconsiderate, if these people have nowhere to put their cigarette butts they will simply drop them in your storefront, creating an unsightly mess. There are a number of options of ashtrays to deal with this problem, from the cheap, utilitarian wall-mounted urn to the expensive, elegant smokers’ post. Finally, you can economize all your storefront waste by buying a combined ashtray and trashcan, which will solve two problems at once.

Green Trash Cans

Green is good. The environment is important and what better place to start preserving it than with our waste disposal? There are a variety of ways to do so. The first is the simple trashcan with one small addition: loops on the side. This means you significantly reduce your trash as you can now use grocery bags instead of cumbersome garbage bags. There is also a trash can that is made solely of recycled materials. Someday soon, these two will likely be combined making a powerhouse of green energy.

Infrared Trashcans

Infrared trashcans are truly space-age. They open when you hover your hand a few inches above the lid, thus keeping you completely separate from your trash. They’re not overly expensive, and can make taking out the trash really fun for kids. They also work well in doctors’ offices, as needles and their ilk can literally be a matter of life and death. Finally, they are good for the homes of the very neurotic, the type of person who hates to be anywhere near his or her trash. They come with two varieties of lids, the flip top and the sliding top, the latter of which is marginally more expensive.

Collapsible Trashcans

Sometimes you’re on the move, far away from a public trashcan. You could litter or put your trash in your pocket, but the latter option is gross and the former will attract all kinds of dirty looks and bad karma. So spend $20 or so on a collapsible trashcan. These are versatile, portable trashcans for when you’re on a picnic, at a game, or camping. They even work well in the house, for example when you have friends over for the big game. There aren’t a lot of trash cans in a living room, so without a portable collapsible one you will attract the ire of your wife very quickly.

Trash can Materials

There are a wide variety of trashcan materials available to choose from for your home. These all correspond to a different room – metal for the kitchen or bathroom, wood for the bedroom, and leather for the office. Metal is easy to clean and fits with contemporary interior designs schemed; leather is fragile but adds professionalism to your office. Wood rests halfway in between.

Of course, if you want to economise and simplify, just buy some plastic trashcans. Available in a range of sizes, they fit in with literally any interior design scheme and cost next to nothing. So if you want to really class up, go with the options mentioned above – but if you want to save money, stick with plastic.